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Your Product Or Service Is Like A Fingerprint . . . not exactly the
same as another similar business. Given the opportunity, potential customers may find
that you provide exactly what
they want. But you must provide the opportunity! Your web site should reflect the unique aspects
of your company.

Designed to Meet Your Budget and Resources

30 years of experience Consistancy Across Platforms


Offset Printing
Digital Printing
Event Production

• Your webmaster doesn’t understand the offset process.
• Your offset printer doesn’t understand the internet.
• These differences will effect the look, professionalism, and cost of your website and printed material.

But it doesn’t have to!…




There are few companies, if
any, that shouldn’t have their own web site.
A professionally designed web page can add another product and information outlet, initiate another income stream and free-up valuable human resources for the distribution of redundant information. Your web site should impart to your customer’s the sense of planning, thought and professionalism that web templates and do-it-yourself web pages can’t.

  • Ad Design • Graphic Design
  • Advertising Promotion
  • Direct Mail & Marketing
  • Working with Suppliers & Vendors
  • Working with Website Design & SEO
  • Social Media
  • Site Prep and Vendor Placement
  • Print Marketing, Poster, Brochures, Tickets, Program Guides
  • Publishers of:
  • The Official Pine Island Sourcebook
  • Greater P. Is. Road Map
  • MangoMania Program Guide, ’99-’04

Companies spend thousands on their printed promotional material in an effort to project a professional image. If done properly, the expenditure returns itself many times over. However, there are major differences between hard-copy offset printing and Internet technologies. Most ad agencies generally and web designers specifically know little to nothing about these differences. This lack of expertise can cost your company hundreds and thousands of dollars. If ignored, at best, your web site will lack marketing consistency and professionalism and, at worst, it will disorient or confuse an existing or potential customer

Service that shows how your website’s statistics compare
against other industry metrics.

Ecommerce conversion Rate: This report shows the rate at which visits
to your site result in purchases.

Understanding your sales or viewer cycle is important to the success
of your site and your business.

And Much More..

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