Over 30 years of experience in offset printing
and the related computer technology.

Trust us to design your printed material to be
consistent with your web site and vice-versa!

Your webmaster doesn’t understand the offset process.
Your offset printer doesn’t fully understand the internet.
These differences will effect the look, professionalism,
and cost of your website and printed material.

But it doesn’t have to!…

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..What Is Offset Printing?
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Offset Printing

Ad Design • Graphic Design
• Advertising Promotion
• Direct Mail & Marketing

Printing Services:
• Brochures & Fliers • Menus
• Pamphlets • Newsletters • Tickets
• NCR Forms • Program Guides
• Color Laser, Ink Jet Printouts
• Full Bindery & Darkroom Services
• Contract • Place mats
• Color Real Estate Sales Sheets
• Post Cards • Panel Cards
• 24 hr. on 1M+ single color fliers

Additional Services:
• Professional Photographic Services
• 2-1/4 film to 14×18

1000 FULL- Color
Business Cards

$69 Limited time offer
plus 6.5% tax if in FL & Shipping if needed
Call about other printing and design services

Includes Typesetting & Layout
Customer must provide other compatible art, logos, etc., one proof included


Internet Specialties
We are providing a growing
number of area companies with a
complete line of computer and
internet-related services, such as:
Web Development, Hosting,
   Upkeep & Promotion

Custom Animated Banners
• PC Electronic Files Transfer
• Assisted Internet Sales
• Enterprise Software
• Internet Specialties Using NT Servers
• Web Marketing & Research
• Custom PC Services & Hardware
Sales & Service
• On-site Tech Support
• Server Maintenance

Publishers of:
The Official Pine Island Sourcebook
Greater P. Is. Road Map 2004
MangoMania Program Guide, ’99-’04





Winners of the:
Florida FEA Media Award
Georgia/Pacific Papers Award
Fox River Papers Award
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Pine Island Florida Commercial Printing Services
(Offset & Digital) Long/Short Runs
Marketing, Database Merge, & More
30+ years Experience

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