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A/R, A/P, G/L, Sales Order Entry / Order Management, Inventory Control/Warehousing, Purchasing and Receiving,Bill of Materials, Contact Management, EDI interface, Interactive Voice Response (IVRS), Sales Analysis, Sales Tax Tracking, Serialized Inventory, Shop Floor Control, System Configurator, Return Materials Tracking, Return to Vendor Tracking, Technical Support Tracking, UPS Shipping, FEDEX Shipping, eCommerce, Opportunity Management, Incident Management, Comment Manager, Credit Management , Secure Internet Interface, Customer Service Center, Vendor Service Center, Client Server & Native Data Storage, Fast ROI, EDI Enabled, Multi-Platform, Multi-Currency, Multi-Divisional, Fast Implementation
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More Analysis
The number of single-page visits or visits in which the person left the site from the entrance page.

Organic (live body) Searches.
Choosing Objectives or Goals: for example, the "goal" page might be the “We Appreciate Your Business” page after the visitor makes a purchase; It’s important that the page you choose as the “goal” can only be reached after your visitors achieve your objective.  
Defined funnels; where do you drive customers in order to maximize sales or page views?  
The value of the goal; how often the visitors who reach the goal become customers.  
Service that shows how your website's statistics compare against other industry metrics.  
Track data from a shopping cart on your own domain, or on other domains.  
Manage conversions so that fewer potential customers abandon the checkout process.  
Conversion Rate: This report shows the rate at which visits to your site result in purchases. Conversion rates vary considerably across businesses even within the same industry.  
Transactions: This report is a list of all transactions on your site, useful for auditing your transactions.  
Visits to Purchase: How many visits does it take for your visitors to make a purchase? Understanding your sales cycle is important to the success of your site and your business.  
Time to Purchase: How long does it take before visitors make a purchase? This helps you understand the kind of content you need in order to reach the best customers.    
And Much More..

In addition to our print and hard copy experience, as a web page development and Internet marketing company, we price SEO and other Internet services substantially on a "per-product" basis, as compared to traditional advertising agencies who charge almost exclusively an hourly rate.

While most work will not require any web site downtime, it will require strategic content changes. These changes are done with ranking results and with customer & consumer confidence as the objectives.

Everyone wants to be at the top of the various search engines. After SEO the other sure way to gain page ranking is Pay-Per-Position. The only disadvantage to Pay-Per-Position is that you begin to lose page rank as soon as you stop. Once your page is fully optimized for the search engines, even if you discontinue monitoring, updating & reporting, you will begin to lose search ranking relatively slowly.

Within a few weeks of beginning SEO we will produce reports showing improved ranking. In most cases, depending on the industry, ranking will be substantially improved to the point of getting top five page ranking, then after a few months you can expect to be on the top two or three pages. Some higher rankings may require substantial website reworking which you may or may not choose to do.

The internet is constantly changing of course. However, with quarterly semi-annual monitoring the SEO may require tweaking and modifying to maintain relative position.
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