Desktop Publishing
Although DTP (desktop publishing) and related technologies have been an essential part of the computing industry, the offset printing process has remained basically the same over the last thirty or more years.

Computers and professional design programs have streamlined the pre-press aspect of offset printing, allowing quicker more attractive page design and layouts. However, for professional looking results at minimum cost it’s important to fully understand computer technology as it affects and is affected by the offset printing process to avoid missing your deadlines or blowing out your budget.

Like any technology, offset printing is a detail oriented, complex trade. And like any business. incorrect assumptions or the more people or distance between you and the completed product, the better the chances of mistakes and increased cost.

An offset printing press uses a paste-like ink that is transferred via rollers and a photo quality metal plate to whatever paper is fed through it. Some companies use paper or plastic plate material which produces much reduced quality as compared to the metal plate. Other colors or second side printing can be done sometimes as a concurrent process
or separately when necessary. When a quality ink is used properly it does not run, fade or smear like most ink-jet or bubble jet printers, nor flake or peel like many toner based laser or copier-like printers. Ever tried printing two sides on a home computer printer? You discover that this process, if it works at all, delivers a questionable product and may quickly destroy the usefulness and quality of the printer itself. These kinds of results are not likely to change in the foreseeable future because desktop computer printers are not generally designed and engineered to do two sides or long run printing without significantly reducing the life of the printer. In addition, this doesn’t address the ink costs of printing more than a few of anything. However, offset printing presses are.


GUI Pre-press
Since the progressive advent of the GUI (graphical user interface), digital pre-press is an indispensable part of the pre-press offset printing process. Our computer experience goes back to the 1970’s to the old key punch, card reading computers. Now we provide complete web services including webpage design and hosting, animated banners for other website advertising. Besides building and upgrading our own computers we provide our customers expert advice about a wide range of computer hardware and software problems.

Choose a lithographer with a thorough knowledge of both digital and offset processes and the respective equipment. You will always get a much better product and you will save time, aggravation and money in the process.

Ad&PrintCraft of S.W. Florida has offset presses, sheet handling capability and complete bindery facilities in various sizes up to 17×22. We can perfect bind books of a hundred pages or more. We have complete darkroom facilities for making negatives, positives, halftones and metal plates and state -of -the -art network computers and software. We do digital art and design for various area special events, full color booklets including publications such as Pine Island Sourcebook, MangoMania Program Guide and a popular Pine Island Road Map & more. We provide digital typesetting, layout and scanning in addition to the standard art and design required for menus, brochures, letterheads, envelopes, phone book or newspaper ads and other advertising purposes.

The owners of Ad&PrintCraft, established for over 30 years, want to remind their Pine Island friends, old and new, to stop by and look over examples of our award-winning work produced right here on Pine Island … Located in Bokeelia, exactly 4 miles north of Pine Island Center. 283-0777, Fax call. MasterCard & VISA cards accepted.

Offset Printing

Ad Design • Graphic Design
• Advertising Promotion
• Direct Mail & Marketing
Publishers of:
The Official Pine Island Sourcebook
Greater P. Is. Road Map 2004
MangoMania Program Guide, ’99-’04


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Additional Services:
• Professional Photographic Services
• 2-1/4 film to 14×18
• Brochures & Fliers • Menus
• Pamphlets • Newsletters • Tickets
• NCR Forms • Program Guides
• Color Laser, Ink Jet Printouts
• Full Bindery & Darkroom Services
• Contract • Place mats
• Color Real Estate Sales Sheets
• Post Cards • Panel Cards
• 24 hr. on 1M+ single color fliers

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1000 FULL- Color
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